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01 February 2024 Thursday. 13:39:37 UTC
@CoinBlender (YT ID: UC0eIeJkFX0d1HKsMqnQqCzg)
The fake Ethereum Mixer phishing website, "," operates by deceiving victims into thinking their Ethereum funds will be mixed. However, in reality, the scam works by consistently displaying the same Ethereum address for the domain holder, causing all victims to unknowingly send their money directly to the scammer. This deceptive practice results in the victims being scammed without their funds ever being mixed. To further substantiate the fraudulent activities associated with "," it is important to note that the end-order domain is static and accessible to everyone via the following link: (Archive Backup: Moreover, the Ethereum address "0x24d4E7764a6a1D24AD2c805FbA52317444001915" is prominently displayed on the website for all visitors to see. This consistent display of a single Ethereum address adds to the illusion of legitimacy maintained by the scam. In addition to its website, the scammers behind "" operate Telegram channels where they perpetuate their fraudulent activities. These channels can be accessed through the following links:, Furthermore, the scammers promote their deceitful practices on their YouTube channel: (Channel-ID: UC0eIeJkFX0d1HKsMqnQqCzg). It is suspected that they either purchased an old YouTube account or compromised an existing one to exploit and promote their fraudulent scheme. Please consider all the provided details, including the website link, Ethereum address, Telegram channels, and YouTube channel, when taking appropriate action against "" to protect potential victims from being scammed. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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