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16 June 2019 Sunday. 20:19:21 UTC
blackmail scam
[email protected] is probably a spoofed address, LOL!
United Kingdom
This email will not acquire too much of time, so direct to the point. I got a footage of you buffing the banana while at the pornweb site you''re been to, yada-yada You press play button and all digital cameras and a mic begin working in addition it will save every darn detail coming from your personal computer, yada-yada I am going to put a account address down below that you can throw me 560 usd in Three days maximum through bitcoin. See, it's not that large of a total to cover, guess this can make me not that awful of a guy. You are welcome to do whichever the shit you wish to, yada-yada And so it is your choice at this point. I am not going to move through all the info and stuff, yada-yada This is the btc address- 1A8wbUtQ5hf4gpaZ39iUggseBujWGwafHR Have a good time and just remember that time clock is ticking)
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