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29 June 2021 Tuesday. 12:56:51 UTC
Charoula Liontou
On 15th March, I tried to log into my Kraken account from my work’s tablet (I usually log in from my laptop ). It was also the first time I had logged into email on my tablet. I received an email, supposedly from Kraken, asking me to put in a code, which they said would expire in 20 mins, to log into Kraken. His IP address was CA. I entered this code and I don’t remember if they had asked for a key to log in ( I have a 2FA ). I was then locked out of my account. I thought that Kraken had locked me out because I had signed in from another device. I was locked out until 18th March when Kraken unlocked me and then understood I had been hacked and everything had been taken. He went on to exchange 5299 euros into bitcoins, as well as other cryptocurrencies valued at over 6000 euros. He made two transactions with 0.24016 bitcoins. I followed my money and found that IP addresses of his wallets. We reported it to the police and they will forward my case to Interpol.
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