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26 May 2021 Wednesday. 05:22:36 UTC
Rose Mary is a Facebook scammer ( who claim to be a professional in binary option trade, forex trading. And also an expert in bitcoin trade investment. She says that "bitcoin trading is a profit oriented business and a lot of person have benefited from this trading. I have help so many in making profit in forex trading many have made withdrawing and some are still being trading for .. Well, the bitcoin trade is an online trading platform (stocks, gold coins), it is one of the highest paid investment treasures in the world. Here you can make double your investment, no experience is needed, let's say you start trading with $2000 you will get a profit of $20000 at the end of 4 trading days". Once she convinced you to do the investment, she ask you to open a trading account in their fake company website which is Then she ask to deposit the money through bitcoin. You need to open a trust wallet for that. Buy bitcoin in the trust wallet with your credit or debit card. Then once you purchase the bitcoin, she ask you to send it to her wallet address "1A9YGyvebNCkHcGcdFJafakEvJw8YQgCxG". Once you send it to her, you can see money is deposited in their fake website. After 4 days, you can see huge profit amount in their fake website. Then they ask you to send more money to them in bitcoin for the account settlement in order to release the profit to you. And once you send them more money, you'll be blocked from their website and social media pages.
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