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20 July 2021 Tuesday. 03:51:01 UTC
United States
lol f these lowlifes. the msg I received: --- How does your hand feel? Still not sick of your pleasuring yourself? If your hand could leave u, it would have inevitably done it already. When you browse web-sites for grown-ups do not be shocked at infecting your device, and at the fact that someone can activate ur camera and record ur intimate relationship with your hand. The instructions are simple. U make payment to me, and in return I will delete your lamentable tape and leave you alone. 1ABek8qaF7vhEiDQgsnFfKSXgKLfavJ7AG Bitcoin, there won't be a better offer 1200 $ In satisfying my demands, you’re never going to hear of me again. Elsewise, I will be made to share it with the entire world. And I advise you – find a girlfriend. Do not write to me, this address is going to be deleted for safety reasons. I reckon 48 h are gonna be sufficient for settling the monetary issue. (I will be notified when you read it).
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