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07 July 2021 Wednesday. 10:17:38 UTC
I was looking for a place where I can mine my BTC. Then I messaged a woman who recently followed me on Instagram. She said if I mine with her company I can make a huge amount of money from my BTC, so I signed up through the link they sent me on WhatsApp with the number +1 (657) 229-2051. I asked them how can I invest and if I can make money, they assured me I can and also, I can withdraw whenever I wish to. I sent my first deposit of 0.14349BTC but then they said I need to invest 5000 or more in order to mine with them, so I sent more than 0.39373BTC. They told me to in order to withdraw I have to spend more money, so I deposited 0.05929BTC and 0.021424BTC and finally, they said I can withdraw. Then the same day I got an email saying I have to send £10200 to be able to withdraw, so I sent 0.2391909BTC. They told me I would receive over 50K, but the next day I received an email saying I have to send 24000 for the authorization fee and this is the final payment, they also mentioned I would receive an expensive car (they even sent pictures of the car) along with my money. Through my trading, the company said they have added some bonuses to my account. I also sent 1.516339ETH and 0.09015366BTC to the Instagram woman claiming she`s working with the company. I requested for a withdraw again but they said I cannot until I don’t send the 24000, which I cannot. I have proof of all this and the screenshots from my chats on WhatsApp that I will send separately in an email.
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