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22 November 2018 Thursday. 13:58:31 UTC
blackmail scam
United Kingdom
This email received: Hello, I actually know all of the scummy secrets. I won't reveal you just what exactly I am aware of, I've got the information with me. To prove this, let me inform you that one of your passwords is xxxxxxxxx. Pay me $5000 via BITC01N to the address 1AG1juLYHrUoKfr3epGvAaLhKp97oJ6AfK within the next 45 hrs. Allow me to make one thing clear, that I will ruin your life completely if I don't get the payment. If I do get the payment, I will remove every single information I have with me, and i'll go away for good and you will never ever hear anything from myself. This is actually the first and final e-mail from me and the offer can not be negotiated, therefore do not reply to this mail.
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