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07 July 2020 Tuesday. 15:45:16 UTC
@bitcointalkmonbux @visesento
United States
Hello, so I've been trading from a person on telegram named @visesento (he is the scammer). We both agreed on the deal, 1000$ movocash for 350$ btc. As we both were unsure about trustness, he offered to hire Monbux. We both wrote an email to him, asking if he can help us to trade safely. Provided details, offer and our telegram ID's. He (@MonbuxBitcointalk) created telegram group within like 10 minutes. Then, where my lack of knowledge occured - he sent me a PGP signed message, which I checked on : Putting this message in it shows, that the message is signed by monbus (Huh?) . So this is where I fucked up, not sure how this works. After this, I've sent BTC to his address ( transaction ID : ) Then, ofc, even after confirmations I didn't get my movocash from the seller. Started asking questions, no response. No response from guy, acting as escrow and no response from the seller. Today he magicly replied, but only when other guy contacted him ( here is SS, how I managed to reach 'monbux' : , , ) . And later all our conversation ( , , , , , , , , , , , , , ), coins weren't sent yet to other address, but I am already sure, that I've been scammed. so guys, watch out and don't make same mistake as I've did. Smiley P.S. Monbux, can you explain how this PGP works?
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