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18 April 2021 Sunday. 11:06:52 UTC
United Kingdom
I have recorded your pleasure oneself via the camera of ur device, and now I have a very entertaining video with your participation. Through remote access I have cloned contact information from your electronic-mail and your social networking sites. Now you see why I'm telling all that? I’m gonna send it to your family and publish it on the web. You pay me, and then I will delete all blackmail material on you and get out of your hair, saving ur prestige in the eyes of humans. 1ALCjMqRHiBZfyEYSu3jZrxq8S6dAq69qS Bitcoin, 1349 $. There are forty-eight hours to effect payment to me as soon as you open this letter, I receive a notification when u read it. If you neglect my demand, in 96 hours the tape where you jerking off is going to become the world heritage on the Internet. The decision is urs if your public image matters. And end accessing doubtful sites, as your device may be infected even if you have installed anti malware. Do not attempt to contact me, after sending this message I will delete the electronic-mail in order to destroy evidences.
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