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27 August 2020 Thursday. 14:43:07 UTC
Allen (presumptively)/ 10 x partners club
The scammer started speaking to me on Instagram.Chatting about investing and trading, and how much money a person can profit from it. I started speaking to him since I was unemployed, I needed an income and I had some savings that I wanted to invest with it. and I was still not convinced of what I was doing. Asked him for his Whatsapp Number. The scammer was seducing me with the amounts of profits and when these amounts can be a real thing. Introduces me to Coinmama platform (for Bitcoin transaction) and xm Brokarage (that he claimed he work with). Scammer wanted me to pay 1200BHD as start capital, but I told him I can start with 600BHD. Coinmama does not work for us and I told him Paypal is better, but he introduced me to Platform. At the end foolishly I trusted him because is a Bahrain Platform and it is license by the Central Bank of Bahrain. The first transaction through PayPal and it wasn't successful, but we tried again and it was successful. Transaction details: Amount $530. Started Paying through, First Bitcoin purchase and send details: Amount 300BHD.Scammer sent to me the form & contract to be filled and signed. Scammer asked for more money claiming that some robots for auto trading needed. We negotiated regarding this matter and settle down on paying in installments. I asked for withdrawal many times and he always reply there is withstanding fees need to be paid or that he will check with his management office. Generally, scammer has my IBAN to give me my withdrawal. After last payment he waited for some time and now he is asking for tax money to be paid and I just told him that if I have received my first withdrawl I will pay the tax for him plus I asked for $9000 withdraw but he disappeared after I asked him.
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