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28 January 2021 Thursday. 11:41:21 UTC
TitanPro50; [email protected]
I began my relationship with Titan Pro 500 around October 2019 through a guy named Jordan James. But later I got in touch with Mary Addison, who would look after me. Titan Pro 500 included the setup of a TP500 and the connected MT4 trader platform. I transferred a small amount of money to give things a go. I also got on touch with their Compliance department and received some documentation that gave me more confidence. After a few expected market fluctuations, my capital grew. This growth was in line with Titan Pro rules and my expectations. About six weeks ago, I was informed by another Titan Pro associate of an opportunity to make some money on an ‘Ant’ trade. Ant is a new company based in China that is part of the Alibaba group. Unfortunately, I did not have enough capital to participate with this trade, so I reduced my trading activity. not long after, Jordan informed me that Titan Pro wanted to close my account. This process happened, I made a withdrawal of about $500,000USD (on the Titan Pro system), got the withdrawal receipt and expected those funds to be deposited into my bank here in Germany, but the funds did not arrive. As of today, Jordan has not been seen or heard from in 7 days. Mary is slow to answer my questions, and now its time to initiate the recovery of my funds through a 3rd party.
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