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04 March 2021 Thursday. 19:02:22 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
Here is the email I received: You don't look much like the one who is unable to find a sex buddy for yourself. It's your passion to play with oneself or the issue is you? I do not condemn humans who have such habit, who I am to criticize u. I'll get right to the matter. Your wanking was filmed with the help of ur webcam, and now I do have awesome blackmail material on u. Via my software I accessed to your social networking websites and have downloaded all contact information from ur mail. Beware of unsavory sites in order not to infect ur device with a hostile application. I provide you with 2 options to solve this problem. U pay me for my silence and for the work I performed. Send 1499 usd, Bit coin 1AM8UfmdACLwwwESs88rJc4rf3cB5NC7ja. Although this activity is not a very good one across the globe, but while there're humans like you, there will always be a job for me. Otherlike, I'll post the vid where you jerks off on the Internet and share it with your relatives. It's u to decide if u want to retain your reputation in the sight of ur family or embarrass yourself. You have 48 h to transfer my reward from the moment of reading the msg, I'll see when you open it through remote access. If u flout me, in 96 h I will live up to the pledge and send your earth-shattering video tape to ur family. Don't try to text me and implore me, this mail is hacked and soon the access to it will be denied.
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