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09 October 2021 Saturday. 10:44:22 UTC
blackmail scam
No name
United States
Sent an email with my name as the subject then the following in the body “Ur public image is at the edge of a cliff, read the file.” Attached Was a text file that said the following “ How badly a person should like pleasuring yourself to do it this much. I have got a great number of questions, and I'd like to get the answers, but sadly, I will not have such a possibility. You are just like a super machine in the world of pleasures of the flesh. I, of course, witnessed many various stuff, but u amazed me a lot. Guy, I really do not get what happens to u. I will provide you with an opportunity to preserve your prestige before your relatives and redeem yourself. If u disregard my requirements, I'll be made to share your passion with the contacts from your e-mail. A reasonable offer in this case is, I guess, 1220 usd, Bitcoin 1ANxwBKFSd1czxbJJasiRiT7xPdC9NBRyW, given your stalemate. 44 hours will be more than enough to address my requirements. In fact I really doubt about your soundness, since you don't cover the cam of ur device while doing the things like that. My advice to u is not to overindulge your hobby. Never forget, that's a enormous sin for religious people.”
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