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17 May 2021 Monday. 12:05:34 UTC
CoinTop Trading
I was watching a YouTube video and there was a comment about how she increased her BTC in 3 weeks with the help of Joe Robinson. She recommended contacting him via Telegram (@joesignal1), so I did. Joe told me I will be able to increase from $20K to $38K in 5 days with his strategy. I opened an account at cointoptrading and deposited 0.05BTC, he sent me signals for trading and I just had to use them for trading. My funds already doubled in a day so he asked me to invest more which I did (0.3BTC). He then told me he would charge me 10% of my profits every 2weeks. He then stopped sending me signals and said I have to deposit more to trade, so I added 0.25BTC and said to him this is the last I could pay. He then told me it's a very little amount. I then requested a withdraw of €28627 but it never came through. I sent them an email and also tried to reached customer care via chat, but didn’t get any response. Then Joe told me every withdraw is pending for 2 weeks and I should tell him from my steps because it’s a sign of a betrayal. After strangely he sent me a lot of signals, then my account reached €297.061 and I asked for a withdraw of 0.05BTC but it was only pending, suddenly Joe deleted himself from Telegram so I couldn’t reach him out anymore.
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