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12 January 2021 Tuesday. 15:34:10 UTC
United States
So... I know the fact that you watch very often PRONOGRAPHIC movies! The smart-phone that you have got a virus and allowed me to use your microphone and your camera and record you without your knowledge while you pleasure yourself! So here is the deal.. if you don`t pay me 500$ value in BIT C0lN the video with you(doing you know what) will be sent to all your contacts. My sneaky app that was installed had also a second function, to grab all your contacts from social media, phonebook list, emails and so. Did I got the passwords? Neah, any smart-phone have like a virus detection tool build-in which means every app installed is scanned for malicious activities, so... Trying to extract passwords? Very bad, it may get detected! Using the camera and extracting all the contacts without user permission? No problem! Ok! So in order to buy some coins search on Google this "Buy BIT C0lN instantly" and send to this address: Address: 1 A Q 4 Q P u f 8 u h U i q C 9 n y o f 8 q M 4 x H 5 s f 2 f c u p Amount: 0.012
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