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31 July 2019 Wednesday. 18:05:58 UTC
standard spoofed email address
United States
i setup a mâlware on the âdũlt video clips (porno) web-site and guess what, you vİsited this websİte to experiencě fun (you know whât i měan). When you werě vİewİng vİděo clips, your brőwsěr İnİtiated working as a RDP with a keylőgger which gâve mě âccessibility to yoũr displây screen and web câmera. Just âfter that, my software collěctěd evěry őne őf yőũr cőntacts frőm your Měssenger, Facebook, as well as emaİlâccőunt. after that i creâted a dőũble video. First part displays thě vİdeo yőu were watching (yőũ have â fině taste lol . . .), and next pârt displays thě vİew of your web câm, and its ũ. Něxt solutİon woũld be to give mě $1446. Let us regard it as a donâtion. in such â câse, i most cěrtainly will instântly eliminate yőur vİdeő footage. You cân gő on wİth yőur daily rőutine like this never took plâce ând you never will hear back again from me. BTC address: 1AQ6FeFvMK5Ta9eZHwcsP1eY3FiWtCMvte
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