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21 March 2021 Sunday. 00:05:48 UTC
United States
After transferring $500 (the minimum) of BTC to the wallet, the funds did not show up for 9 hours until I messaged them. Once messaged, it showed up as a total of $700 with $200 of that being a flat profit amount. After 5 more hours and two more messages the numbers never changed to reflect any actual trading with my account. A withdraw of funds was initiated, to which a response was received "To keep our investment safe and secure For a long lasting investment our minimum withdrawal is $25,000.00". After another message requiring them to transfer the balance of my account, or face repercussions, the live message function disappeared completely from the webpage. On further inspection, the page itself is mirrored from which also has several fraud claims against it for the same actions. The address on file in the US for this entity is 3505 Harrison Ave, Beaumont, TX 77706 which has multiple bitcoin investment platforms running out of it, all with fraud alerts.
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