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04 August 2020 Tuesday. 07:56:00 UTC
[email protected] & & [email protected]
United States
It was too late when I tried to check the Norton Safe Web Report for this website: They already got my 195 dollars + 3 bitcoin fees. I was interested to buy a MacBook Air on the craiglist, here the link: When I decided to make a deal to this scam Seller: Taylor Dubois 10850 155 St NWEdmonton, ABCanada T5P 2M8 Phone: 917724-0229 First email that I received from this Seller : I've attached pics with the Mac to this email. I want $200 for it. There is nothing wrong with the Mac, it's in perfect working and cosmetic condition. At this time I'm out of town. I found a delivery company called Interparcel Direct that will deliver the Mac to you and allow you to test it before I receive my money. I can pay for a 2-day delivery. Second, After I approved and send him my information, and he replied with this: Hi, OK, perfect. I've wrapped it up carefully today. I can't go in time today to start the transaction. I'll start the transaction tomorrow morning. I'll text you once it's done. Please don't forget to sign up an account on their website. Third, After two days, I received an email from [email protected] that I should pay this value: 200 USD to start the processing of shipment, and I paid it using bitcoin wallet with this bitcoin address that they send: bd7cc265eb751a4309c6d5616b2eb8e22775e656e6d023aa96e4f8b259e13d08 Transaction US4588348047CA Daniel Mechelke - Interparcel Direct Customer Service Manager Interparcel Direct, ltd. 8882 170 St NW Edmonton, AB - T5T 4J2, Canada Fourth, after 5 days, I received this message that item being held, addressee being notified Customs/Duty Taxes amount: 50 USD - Please pay this amount using the payment options below : 1AYFRgty3gugpDXdWTaGgokKgwdmQ9f4rs
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