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23 November 2018 Friday. 13:25:17 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
Listen - I actually came to know all of the filthy secrets of your life. I will not reveal you exactly what I came to know, I have all the details along with me. To prove my point, allow me tell you that one of your security passwords is definitely <PWD>. Send me $7000 via *Bitcoin* to the address 1Aa7oazpnDo6yhbnJSnZJaQN9C6ziWtywE within the next 45 hours. I will make one important thing obvious, that I will wreck your life totally if I do not get the payment. In the event that I do get the payment, I will delete each and every info I have with me, and I will go away and you will definitely under no circumstances hear anything from myself. It is the first and also last email from me and the offer can not be negotiated, and so do not answer to this mail.
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