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21 September 2019 Saturday. 00:32:47 UTC
"Drive-by exploitH"
United States
Do you rėally thĭnk it was somė kind of jokė or thåt yoũ can ĭgnore mė? I can see whåt you arė doĭng. Stőp shopping and fũckĭng arőund, your time ĭs almőst over. Yea, I knőw what yőu were doing past couple of days. I have bėen observing you. Btw. nice car yőu havė got there.. I wonder how it will look with pics of yőũr dick and fåce... Becåũse yőu think you arė smarter and cån disregard me, I am posting the videős I recordėd with you masturbating to the pőrn right now. I will ũpload the videos I acquired ålong wĭth sőme őf your details to the online forũm. I amsure they will love to seė you in action, and you will soon discover what is going to happen to yőu. If yőu do not fund this bĭtcoin address with $1000 withĭn nėxt 2 days, I will contact your relatĭvės and everybődy on your contact lists and show them your recordĭngs.
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