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03 December 2021 Friday. 12:32:30 UTC
blackmail scam
John Alano (Finnish) - probably fake name probably Russian
United Kingdom
blackmail scam Romance/Inheritance Fraud - Currently approx at £150,000 has been scammed from me. I have a UK Police meeting booked on Sunday 5th December at 9am to hand over all evidence, documents and pixs of him. So if you need anything I have loads, passport, credit card details, many pixs. One pix I did a google pix validation yesterday and it took me to a Addidas website ( in Ulyanovsk, Russia where he had bought an item and then did a review of it, all in Russian language, Yuli Yekaterinburg, so they should have his contact and bank details too. His phone number is registered with TISMI Finnish Network, he told me he is working in Finland. Also, I Have another approx 20 bitcoin addresses to send to you. He has been using this site since August 2021 to date in my case, so you should be able to trace him and have all his contact details. His telephone number was until Sunday 28th November 2021- +447451 271403. Telephone number from Monday 29th November 2021 is +447441 444935. Can you help me? My name is Julie Ann Sharp. Also, My bank has suspended my account. I am going to repeat all this info here on all the bitcoin addresses on a Abuse Report
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