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05 October 2020 Monday. 15:59:28 UTC
bitcoin tumbler/anonymizer
South Africa
I sent my bitcoins to this address with instructions from Mr Cheng Wang. I have been recently recruited into Bitcoin Investment by Mr Michael Brown (whatsapp number 0813615852, who claims to own a building company that buys distressed sales and renovate them and sell them again or keep in the rental property) late in August 2020. He later introduced me to Mr Cheng Wang ([email protected]) who does the Bitcoin mining and trading process and makes a deal to earn 25% of the profit. When I asked for a withdrawal 2 weeks ago, my active mining account became frozen, followed by the instruction below "A 12% CAPITAL GAINS TAX OF $ HAS BEEN IMPOSED ON YOUR TOTAL PROFITS OF $7490.50 TAX MUST BE CLEARED TO UNFREEZE ACCOUNT. KINDLY ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS TO CLEARING YOUR IMPOSED TAX WE WILL BE CARRYING OUT TAX CLEARANCE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS WITHIN 12 to 24 HOURS AFTER PAYMENT IS CONFIRMED; YOU ARE ADVISED TO EXERCISE PATIENCE WE ADVISE CUSTOMERS TO CLEAR TAX PAYMENTS USING THE BITCOIN DEPOSIT METHOD FOR A SWIFT PROCESS. KINDLY SCAN OR COPY THE WALLET ADDRESS ON YOUR DEPOSIT PORTAL AND SEND THE CORRESPONDING TAXED AMOUNT AND INPUT YOUR TAX REF CODE ITX-147D IN YOUR TRANSFER DESCRIPTION BEFORE SENDING. YOU ARE HEREBY ADVISED ACT SWIFTLY WITH THIS NOTIFICATION TO CLEAR YOUR TAX TO AVOID LEGAL PENALTIES OR LOSS AS WE WILL NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR LOSS OF PROFITS OR ANY LEGAL PENALTIES. YOURS SINCERELY, TAX PREPARATION TEAM BITBOND NETWORK
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