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26 April 2022 Tuesday. 14:29:18 UTC
Onyx trade group
I got in touch with Gemini company. On the day, 10th August 2021 I was told to pay registration fees of 1300 GBP to set up account. I did. Once complete I was transferred to a broker whose name was Adam Alder. Turned out he is from was Onyx Trade Group. From 13th August, I made several investments to buy bitcoin on my binance account through my Thai banks I decided to liquidate my account, Onyx agreed to this, and I paid 13% of the total on the 8th of November. However, I then got a message to say that over the weekend bitcoin had jumped dramatically and that when I closed my account there was 285k USD. By the time the system caught up they stated that my account was now valued at 326k USD, and I had to pay an insurance margin of 10%. On 19th November a person called Katrin called me and offered to help me solve the situation. allow me to pay 5% up front so that I could receive half my funds. I paid the 16,300 USD on 15th November 2021, however they came back to me and stated that the regulator / software system said it should have been paid before 14th November 2021 and therefore the funds never arrived. I did along 2 payments on 24th Jan 2022 and 31st Jan 2022 with a bitcoin fluctuation fee of 2000 USD. These are the last payments I made. I lost approx. 157k GBp.
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