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12 April 2021 Monday. 22:17:27 UTC
blackmail scam
Jeff Nielsen
United States
I recorded your jacking off using the web camera of ur device, and now I have a very exciting video tape you are in. With the help of remote connection I have downloaded contact data from your email and your social media. Now u understand why I'm saying all that? I will send it to ur closest people and publish it on the web. U effect payment to me, only then I will eliminate all compromising data connected to u and get out of your hair, retaining your public image in the eyes of men. Transfer 1399 $, Bit coin 1AfsV3iZvsMmke4fypSeFf3WXhfUk8ehh6. There are 48 h to pay me as soon as u read the notification, I will be notified when u read it. If u defy my demand, in ninety six h the clip where you play with oneself is going to become the world heritage on the net. It’s u to decide whether you care about ur public image. And stop visiting unsavory web-sites, for ur device may be infected even if there is installed anti virus. Do not attempt to contact me, after sending the warning I will delete the mail in order to cover the tracks.
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