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07 April 2021 Wednesday. 15:37:44 UTC
I received a cold call from a person named Ryan Schwarz he said he was from a trading company called Bitblock mining. After talking over a period of time, I was told that for a certain investment, i would receive a signicant return. He explained that if i could transfer £50,000 GBP, and would receive 30% on top of my initial investment over an investment period of 1 week. So, I then proceeded to invest £50,0000 and I could start making money with his company which was bitblock mining. I agreed this was on the date 26/01/2021 I was talked into buying cryptocurrency rst, and also send payments to Ryan using cryptocurrency. After a couple of weeks, I didn’t see my return yet, I was concerned but due to the fact he was in constant contact with me and reassured me that everything was ok, his company sent me another exclusive oer that if I invested £200,000 I would receive a special oer rate of 37.5% return for a period of 12 weeks So then I proceeded to invest more money and transfer from my bank account to his company account into cryptocurrency. So I ended transferring a total sum of £450,000 into his cryptocurrency account, and when I tried to withdraw my money back I couldn’t, it wasn’t allowing me to, so then I called Ryan Schwarz to ask why I couldn’t withdraw my money, and then he started to ignore my calls. As you can imagine I was getting highly distressed as I was coming to the conclusion that I had been scammed by Ryan Schwarz. I don’t know how many people this has happened to but he needs catching because it has severely turned my life upside down, and broken me emotionally to the point of depression, and anxiety.
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