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28 April 2020 Tuesday. 13:21:47 UTC
I have the complete recording. If perhaps you think I 'm fooling around, just reply proof and I will be forwarding the particular recording randomly to 3 people you're friends with. It may be your friend, co workers, boss, parents (I'm not sure! My system will randomly choose the contacts). Would you be capable to gaze into anyone's eyes again after it? I question that... Nonetheless, it doesn't have to be that path. I'm going to make you a one time, no negotiable offer. Buy $ 2000 in bitcoin and send it to the down below address: 1Aj4pdYJ6gURG*i7yCRv5USZ93WVZ5GQv2Z [CASE-SENSITIVE copy & paste it, and remove * from it] (If you don't understand how, google how to acquire bitcoin. Do not waste my precious time) If you send out this 'donation' (why don't we call it that?). After that, I will disappear for good . and under no circumstances make contact with you again. I will remove everything I have in relation to you. You may proceed living your regular day to day life with no concern. You have 1 day to do so. Your time will begin as soon you go through this mail. I have an one of a kind code that will inform me once you go through this e-mail therefore do not attempt to act smart.
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