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23 May 2020 Saturday. 21:14:09 UTC
United States
I need your total attention for the next Twenty-four hrs, or I will make sure you that you live out of embarrassment for the rest of your existence. I know nearly anything about you. Your entire fb contact list, smartphone contacts and all the digital activity from previous 187 days. My malware was triggered in your device which ended up logging a lovely footage while you were masturbating by triggering your camera. I have got the complete recording. Just in case you think I 'm messing around, just reply proof and I will be forwarding the particular recording randomly to 3 people you recognize. Will you be able to gaze into anyone's eyes again after it? I question it... I would like to make you a 1 time, no negotiable offer. Get $ 1000 in BTC and send it to this address 1AmgyzpiCZ3wTZBFoffb8TYzSBTytqd4vz (copy-paste-it) (If you do not understand how, google how to acquire BTC. Do not waste my precious time). Right after you pay this 'donation' (let's call it that?), I will disappear for good . and never contact you again. I will erase everything I have got concerning you. You may carry on living your ordinary day to day life with no concerns. You have got 24 hours in order to do so.
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