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04 February 2021 Thursday. 22:29:06 UTC
United States
Typical generic spam extortion message I see you adore masturbating therefore you read the msg! Nasty vid of you masturbating have been taken utilizing ur web camera. Definitely that ur closest people are going to be stunned by it! After I got gateway with the help of my programme I have copied all of your contact information as well as all ur accesses to ur social networking web-sites. I am a non-resident hence don’t waste your time engaging with law-enforcement agencies, it’s futile. I will destroy all of your mind-blowing vids the moment I get the regard for my silence. I will give u forty-eight hours to pay for my silence (my system will notify me that u read the message)! If u flout these requirements, within 96 hours I will send all of your blackmail material to your relatives and u will are gonna be feted on the Internet as well. The mail is temporary, soon there will be no access to it, do not try to write to it.
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