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04 November 2020 Wednesday. 09:33:59 UTC
was on Instagram following some celebrities and it was David Walliams account. We chatted and then he told me about Bitcoin,it all seemed legitimate . Then some things did not sit right with me and I found out he was a scammer. I blocked him.I also blocked the account manager who was assigned to me from the company. He said that someone had tried to get some of my money but did not get it. My account seemed to be growing as I checked on it. After a while I stopped as I wanted my money out and it was supposedly put into a bank That site was up a couple of weeks but has since disappeared. It would then be able to be sent from there to my bank. I was then informed my money could be sent by wire to my bank account and then was told I had to pay fees for the wire to get my money out. It all seemed to be going ok, I was told I had to pay more bitcoin to get my money transferred into my bank by wire. I was sent wire forms at one stage,It came to the last fee payment, and I thought that was it I would get my money but then I had to pay that fee 15 more times. I said I could not pay and was then told I could pay 10 instalments with a guarantee of payment from my account manager. Of course, by this time I knew it was not for real as I started to look into things and I found a Scamadivser email, which I did not receive a long while ago, and found out what I should have seen before. I had an email from the “platform” advising me that my first time withdrawals request had been processed and confirmed and strongly advising I speak with my live trading account manager to get broader clearance on how to go about any fee and responsibilities that would hinder my local bank verification.It also said I would be required to provide my Account confirmation and a pass code for verification. I have not answered the email.
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