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04 April 2022 Monday. 09:50:40 UTC
Iron Shares
I Received a call from IronShares 16th July and was assigned a broker (Amir) who promised they could make me money and be paid out straight away. Started with a £500 deposit and was doing small trades on the platform £30 etc. Started to make profit and they told me if I had £10,000, we could trade more so I deposited more money. The website went down for 2 weeks, and I couldn’t trade or close any of my open trades. After this they got back in touch saying they was sorry and would refund any losses and give me a leverage of 1:500 so we could make more money. Amir sent me contracts stating I’d made £80,000 and was setting up a meeting with finance to get the withdrawal. They then told me the commission needed paying upfront of £14,000. Amir agreed to pay £6,000 of this to help me out as I told them I was left with no option but to pay the rest of the money as I had already lost a lot and Jacob was saying the blockchain needed to be fulfilled before the funds were released. Once I paid the rest, he started to say that he needed to wait for 6 confirmations and now he won’t return my calls, and hasn’t been online.
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