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17 February 2021 Wednesday. 09:46:16 UTC
I received a call from a man from Fin Toward, who said he could help me to invest successfully and make good money in a short time. He said it only cost 250 EUR, therefore I made my first investment of 250 on the 4th of September 2020. The next day a lady Chloe Adams called me and said she will be our account manager. I mentioned to her a couple of times that I do not have experience in trading therefore she said to use AnyDesk. She logged into my computer via Any desk so she had access to my computer and placed the trades, the first few weeks everything seemed fine my profits seemed to be going up and up. After the 2end trade (28-09-20) we had to invest to buy another stock. We had to pay another €5297,00. A couple of days later we asked for a withdrawal what she said in the begging that it's easy and we can withdraw our money whenever we want to. She said that first, we have to pay back the company the bonuses they gave to us. She said we have to pay €3175,00 and tax before we could get our withdrawal. €4488,96 it went wrong because the bitcoin inflated so the money (after inflation €4414,00) went on our balance. So, we had to pay the 4488.96 again. Then we had to pay SDRT €3 084.11. and now they aspect a payment for Swap commission, in our case, the commission is 11 917.22 EUR this means that we need to cover 50% of 11 917.22 EUR which is 5 958.61 EUR. We have no more money left so we can’t and we will not pay that commission. I asked why the swap was 50% because I read on the internet it was a small commission when there was a trade open for 24 hours. I wrote a complaint and I would be called soon about the complaint but till now I didn’t from them.
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