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14 December 2020 Monday. 16:13:38 UTC
Goldver Goldbay Limited
I received a call from Ben Kingsley from Goldver Trading.Ben told me about trading that I had 82%chance of making profit from 20 varied investments.He also said that £200 was needed to startup.told me that I would get a bonus added to my account.Ben sent me the link to do a money transfer as well as a link for Bitcoin and I followed the instructions to do the money transfer,I told Ben I had problems so he sent me a guide which I followed and I sent £100 and then I deposited this money to the Bitcoin site.The next day I did all the stages to transfer another £100.Ben called me the next day and went through how the portfolio runs via my account.Alex called who show me how the account works.He told me he call me back later,would be to close the trade.He called me back and told me how to close the trade,which I did and explained that I made a small profit.Alex asked me about depositing £1250 to £1500 for Bitcoin to which I said that's quite a bit of money so I won't do it.I wanted to test if I could transfer money from my Goldver account to my bank account so I tried to do this.I did get the IBAN number days later which I sent to Alex he said the payment was processed which about 6 days later.We then carried on trading ongoing to the next week and then Alex asked me about depositting in trade and as I had made small profits in about 5 trades and the Account Manager Ben saying about the 82% chance of profit,I thought maybe I should invest.He said about investing £1000 and that I could make good money and would be able to buy a great property and invested the money by transfer to their account and depositting to Bitcoin again. Unfortunately, my whole story cannot fit here because of the character limitation.
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