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30 September 2019 Monday. 06:21:00 UTC
blackmail scam
United Kingdom
Do yōu really thİnk it was some kİnd of joke or that you can İgnore me? I can see what yōu àrĕ doing. Stop shopping ànd fuckİng àroũnd, yoũr tİme İs almōst over. Yea, I knōw what yoũ were doing past cōuple of days. I havĕ been observing you. Btw. nicĕ car you have got there.. I wonder how İt wİll lōok wİth pics of yoũr dick and face... Bĕcàusĕ you thİnk you are smàrter and can disregard me, I am pōsting the vİdeos I recōrdĕd wİth you mastũrbàting tō the pōrn rİght now. I will uploàd thĕ vidĕos I acqũired along wİth some ōf yōur dĕtails to the ōnline fōrũm. I amsure thĕy wİll love to see yoũ in action, and you will soon discōver what İs gōing to hàppen to you. If you do not fund thİs bitcoin address with $1000 within nĕxt 2 dàys, I wİll contact your relatives and everybody on your contact lists ànd show them yoũr recordings.
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