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13 September 2021 Monday. 11:27:27 UTC
Financial Resident, Waldexpro
Early July Kevin emailed me a letter saying that I have some money from the blockchain and he is in charge to send the money to me. He asked for my ID for verification I did send it via email to him. Then he said I have to pay tax to the UK government Then he said I have to pay a fee to the HSBC BANK Which he has sent me the letter from the BANK Then he said I have to increase the liquidity of my LUNO ACCOUNT And finally, he said I have to pay 20 percent of the amount to the blockchain in Malaysia. Here is where I had doubts about him that he could be a scammer. I found the email address of the FCA OFFICE and emailed them to find out about this, and they confirmed that this was a scam. For more information or evidence needed please do not hesitate to contact me!
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