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15 July 2021 Thursday. 09:16:59 UTC
Bikkex Exchange (
United Kingdom
Hello, please this wallet address belongs to a scammer from Bikkex exchange. On the 15th of June, I was a victim of a scam by Bikkex exchange. Immediately i transferred funds (1.93 BTC) into the exchange, it was immediately sent to different wallet addresses, And I was asked to pay a sum of $113,000 to get it back. I kept tracking the transactions made the scammers, and my funds have ended up in this wallet address, and according to blockchair, his balance currently sits at exactly 1.93BTC, which means that my funds are still in his possession. Please if there’s anything you can do to help me get my funds back. These scammers have scammed lots of people of their life savings and they shouldn’t get away with it. I have all the evidence in the world to show that this is a scammer’s address. Please feel free to contact me for anything. I will love to drop my personal informations because these scammers have rubbed me of my life
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