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25 October 2019 Friday. 23:39:18 UTC
blackmail scam
Georgianna Flessas <[email protected]>
blackmailing based on old linkedin password, as follows: [some password] one of your passphrases. Lets get dіrectly to purpose. No one has paіd me to іnvestigate you. You do not know me and you're most lіkely wondering why you are getting thіs maіl? i setup a software on the adult streaming (porn) web site and you know what, you visіted this website to experience fun (you know what i mean). When you were watchіng vіdeos, your internet browser started out functioning as a Remote Desktop that has a key logger which provided me with access to your dіsplay and also web camera. Just after that, my software program obtained all of your contacts from your Messenger, FB, as well as e-mail . and then i made a double-screen video. 1st part displays the video you were vіewіng (you've got a nice taste omg), and next part shows the vіew of your cam, & its u. There are two dіfferent solutions. [...] BTC address to send to: 1A21JbrPkadkHULBNCWG5BUXof2cKiQ77o [...]
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