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06 November 2021 Saturday. 08:58:39 UTC
United Kingdom
I was contacted by BitxLogic ( by a man called Josh Goldman via whatsapp (+44 7828819787). He told me to send him BTC to his e-wallet via Kraken. I have told Kraken and raised a crime report with the London Metropolitan Police - NFRC211004805540. I also informed Google as the IP address of their website is hosted in Google Cloud in London - I started to trace the funds and found these fraudsters are not a small outfit: 3FhW4advJ1vceTbcpXNx8NjVT7wHfToMTR (This e-wallet has received $105,000 and it's current value is $0. This e-wallet started on 6th Sep) The above e-wallet then sent to: 1DBnhWt3z4XBWeQWUtsUhAQMsZBpGp94c9 (This e-wallet has received $200,000 and has a current value of $0. This e-wallet started on 30th Sep) The above e-wallet then sent to: 1B8DReAM9X2BJ3ZjHoKZvCfmFChB84ySLu ($712,101 has been received on this e-wallet, current balance $0. This e-wallet started on 29th Sep) The above e-wallet then sent to: bc1qqnt4td9a8xqrqtswvf6n27x0p8n948l2fgye3r6f3yk2d9838scs77ptr3 ($5.5 billion has been received on this e-wallet, current value of this e-wallet is $1.3 billion) started 3rd April 2021 The above e-wallet then sent to: 1PfuYcTNQKUCHbFYt1MRfxCae3e3wCePMt (This e-wallet has recieved 25 billion dollars and currently has a value of 146 million dollars) - This e-wallet started on 9th April As you can see from the above, the fraudsters started their fraud around April 2021 and now are looking to clean up and move all their funds. Their funds can still be traced and they are still moving them, even since this morning. So we need someone to look at this ASAP, before they have removed all their funds. Please look at this urgently, as we are talking about a major fraud here.
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