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27 October 2021 Wednesday. 00:56:25 UTC
Subject: [Woman's name] for bitcoin
United States
email: You know what, as a rule, bare girls make me horny, but u are an exception... In your place I'd pleasure myself without a light on and under the blanket only. Ur self-pleasure is not a pleasant sight, u should get a hold of urself. You slap the oyster cuz guys do not find you attractive or you are diffident? This conversation would have never happened if u cared for your safety and hid the cam of your device. I'm not interested in ur intimate activity and the things you do in your own time, but I have got a clip where u participate, and I also have ur contact list that I downloaded from ur email. I can simply press some keys and many people from ur surrounding will see this filthy show. You can save not only your ass but also the mind of ur friends from watching this video. with txt attachment containing the following: Bitcoin 1BJWJVkqPb49NRd9PLiY5xZsycJL8vrPYG, 1290 usd, U need fulfill my claims in 46 h, otherwise in 80 hours your clip will be made available to the whole world. If my requirements are satisfied, I'll delete this clip. If u want to talk about something, you don't have such an opportunity, I'll delete this email.
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