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19 August 2021 Thursday. 13:04:28 UTC
blackmail scam
Allison Davis <[email protected]>
United States
Recieved the following email: Ur hobby is comparable to addiction of drug addicts. You wank as if you are a machine gun) I wish there were your sport at the Olympics) I bet you would be ranked first) I watch u for years, you continue to astound me by your fondness for intimate delight. The thing that surprises me is that u are a grown-ass man but u practice such abhorrent stuff that don’t come natural with grownups. It is amazing that u have not chafed ur hand or ur tool yet) There’s no doubt u have superpowers, an ordinary guy is not going to survive such loads) Fun is fun but let’s just cut to the chase. When u practice this kind of stuff, I advise you to stick up ur web camera. Conversely the case similar to yours might happen. Having got access to ur device I have shot a clip with ur domestic habit. And now I’m going to distribute it on the net and send it to the contacts from your mail. 1BMDzWDyohPyNa4aka2wzoGnyXn8pWQy8T BTC, fair price 0.041. I provide you with thirty-six hours to meet my requisitions, if you flout me, in seventy-two h I’ll distribute ur dirt. When I get my compensation, no one will see ur home habit. The decision is urs, and do not attempt to contact me, I am gonna delete the present email address to ensure my safety.
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