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18 May 2021 Tuesday. 14:56:36 UTC
scammer/abuser address
United States
Hello <NAME> 
How does ur hand feel? Still not tired of ur hand fucking? 
Perhaps at first this message will confuse u, but it comes as no surprise.
 When u browse websites for adults don’t be astonished at infecting your device, like as at the fact that a man can switch on your web camera and shoot ur close act with ur hand.
 The instructions are straightforward.
 You give money to me, and I will not distribute your personal clip among ur contacts from email or publish it on the web.
 In meeting my demands, you are never going to hear of me again.
 You may appeal to whoever u want, but nobody is going to help u.
 I'll fulfil my promise if you neglect my demands. 
Don’t attempt to communicate with me, the address is gonna be deleted after sending the notification. 
I guess forty-eight h will be sufficient for settling the financial question. (I will be informed when u open it).
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