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26 August 2019 Monday. 14:32:21 UTC
blackmail scam
Do you really think it wàs some kind of jōke ōr that yōu can ignorė me? I càn sėė what yoų arė doing. Stop shōpping and fucking around, yoųr time is almost over. Yea, I know what yōu were doĺng past couple of days. I have been observĺng yōu. Btw. nice car you have got thėre.. I wōnder how it will loōk wĺth pics of your dick and fàce... Becàųse yōu think you arė smarter and can disregard mė, I am pōsting the vĺdeos I recorded wĺth you masturbating to the porn rĺght now. I will ųpload the vĺdeos I acqųirėd along with some of your details tō the online fōrum. I àmsure they will lōve to sėe yōu in action, and you wĺll sōon discōver what is going to happen tō yōu. If yoų do not fųnd this bitcōĺn addrėss with $1000 within nėxt 2 days, I will cōntàct yōur relàtives and everybody on your contàct lĺsts and show them your recōrdings.
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