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02 May 2019 Thursday. 07:29:40 UTC
Surprised? I have one more surprise for you, our intercourse video. Yes, you read it right. We had intercourse a long while back, and I recorded a video of it. Not merely the video, I even saved all of your passwords, contact lists and every little thing. I did all of this when you were in the bathroom, trying to clean yourself. Keep in mind that, I can fcuk up your life if I want to. I am not an evil human being, it is just that, I need some money and I am sure you can help me with it. So here is the non-negotiable deal. You send me $1500, and I will delete every thing I have about you. You will not ever ever hear from me. Send the money to my bitcoin (BTC) address. Search Google (How to buy bitcoin), if you do not know how to send bitcoin. Address: 1Bn7SKaJq1CSanQkA7P81DSZJZQjYRHxYb Sweetie, the address is case-sensitive, so it is better to copy and paste it. If I do not get the bitcoins
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