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08 June 2020 Monday. 02:35:53 UTC
blackmail scam
Service <[email protected]>
This will be awkward! Your network has been owned and I was able to get access and record you while you MASTURBATE on P O R N. The internet router had a vulnerability and allowed me to get in and place some code that was activated everytime a device connected on your network was visiting adult content. My code had some specific functions including recording with any camera available on any device, computer, smartphone, tablet and to collect your contacts lists, phone numbers, emails, and friends on social media accounts. Now, maybe you ask... why your anti virus was no able to detect this. Well, my stuff was designed to not steal passwords, bank accounts, PINs, this kind of activity is seen by any protection software as malicious. So, my thing was able only to record video + audio in hidden mode and grabbing contacts information which do not trigger any protection software because this activity is looking normal. To get rid of my stuff from your network you had to restart any device that was connected on your network, so the code will dump from RAM memory on reboot. The router was already secured by the manufacture and I lost access on it a few days ago which means my code will not run again. So, in order to not send the video to your contacts with you doing, you know what... Well, you have to pay 500 dollars worth in B-I-T C-O-I-N. I`m well aware that you have the money because I seen your balance. This was the second function of my code, to look for balances. BTC Amount (approximately): 0.055 My Address Part1: 1BoRhK My Address Part2: 9RTbWQxhR3sZ8apGMUV4fHimu8Qh Important! The address was split in 2 parts, you have to manually copy and paste Part1+Part2 and that is actually my final address where you can send the coins. Also you can search on Google for PaxfuI, there you can get the coins very easy. Once the coins are sent, the video with you will be deleted and you will never hear from me again. You have 3 days, (72 hours).
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