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23 June 2021 Wednesday. 13:10:52 UTC
United States
A delightfully unhinged threat to publicly reveal sexual content. See text below: Greetings <name> Ruthless abuser of ur hand. You’re a real beast of masturbation, if ur hand were able to run away from u, it would have necessarily done this already. Now you look through the notice and do not understand what I mean, but it’s simple. I have got ur personally owned video with your wanking which I can share with your relatives and upload it on the Internet. Accessing sites for adults, you should not be amazed at a viewer who infected your device and has switched on ur web camera, and accessed to ur contacts and social networking sites. You make payment to me, and in return I will sweep off your sad vid and leave you in peace. Fair price 1050 USD, Bitcoin 1BpLdyFbQxQvy7UtYrR3d7qyv6XdvRcBnv Conversely, I’ll be made to share it with the entire world. Forty-eight hours is a fair time to resolve the financial issue. Don’t write to me, this address is going to be deleted to ensure my security. Bear in mind, 48 hours as soon as you open this text, I’ll see this.
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