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06 December 2018 Thursday. 21:49:34 UTC
bitcoin tumbler/anonymizer
Ameenah Homaira
United Kingdom
This lady by the name of Ameenah homaira portrays that she is a crypto currency trader works for coin hako. She asks you what cyrpto currency do you have and if you invest!! it will be multiplied and the profits will be sent to you weekly. She asks you to send the bitcon to the address below 1C9j9ybZSdj65gqBzAcuH8rR6hkVr1NxWa When you ask her company details she says you can check coin hako. In my case, I did stupidly sent her btc which I regret and would like to caution others who can easily fall in this trap. After a week she asks you to send 20% of the profit as commission to withdraw profits, Be aware as I have already lost my eth and btc.
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