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04 December 2020 Friday. 11:53:07 UTC
I have been friend and eventually scam by a woman called Fanny (Chinese name Chen Yu Rong ) who claimed to be from Macau. Her contact number was +852 5766 7548. She claimed to be running a successful ceramic and craft company in Macau. She first added me in LINE app at 12/06/20. Then she asked me to chat with her via WhatsApp. We have been in contact for 3 months since 12/06/20 and last contact was at 26/09/2020. She’s been taking her time charming me into investing into a new pre initial coin offering called ECOC. She claimed that her uncle is an executive of Citibank and ECOC was jointly by European Union Bank and Citybank so they were allowed to buy ECOC as pre ICO. She told me this would be a lifetime opportunity and ECOC cryptocurrency predicted to be tenfold in profits. Well I trusted her and first make my first investment and trading account into a web platform called at 29/06/20. She convinced me to invest more and move my trading account to a new platform called My last transaction there was 19/09/2020. I have no experience in buying BTC and making withdrawal therefore all these was guided by her through screenshot. She guided me to sign up a Binance account and showing me how to perform BTC withdrawal from Binance platform to BBAE and Lamcoin platform. Initially she’s not pushy as I investing more and more she’s getting pushy. She last contacted me saying she would be abroad in China for work and might required quarantine there. She has disappeared since then and platform was no longer there. By then I only realised I was being scam. I have lost a total of RM485,000 (USD 110,000) and no way of tracing it back.
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