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14 April 2021 Wednesday. 04:50:48 UTC
Michael Ganchua <[email protected]>
Email Header [My name] Email Body: For some time I have been watching u by means of ur camera, and you don’t stop astonishing me. I’m afraid to guess why do u have such big fondness for jacking off, and your habits are a disaster… Frankly speaking, I do not find anything bad in wanking, I’m not the person to blame u. Another matter is if ur pleasure oneself was filmed via ur webcam, then this changes things. I have shot your wanks using the webcam of your device, and now I have a very exciting video tape involving you. Via remote connection I cloned contacts from your mail and your social media. Now u realize why I'm saying all that? I am gonna share it with ur loved ones and upload it on the net. You make payment to me, and then I will eliminate all dirty laundry on u and leave you alone, retaining ur public image in the sight of people. U have forty-eight hours to give money to me from the moment of reading the text, I will be notified when you read it. If you neglect my demand, in 96 h the tape where you wank will become the world heritage on the Internet. It’s up to you if ur prestige is essential to you. And finish browsing unsavory websites, for your device may be infected even if there is installed antivirus. Don’t try to communicate with me, after sending this msg I’m gonna delete the mail in order to erase clues.
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