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05 April 2019 Friday. 12:04:35 UTC
blackmail scam
Some jackass who can't even write his own BS
United States
"Let me tell you exactly how did this happen. You visited a compromised adult website sometime back, and you got infected, and then I observed every action of yours. It gave me access to all of your contacts, browsing history, your passwords, your webcam, and even your microphone. I noticed you were trying to please yourself by watching one of those nasty videos, well my son, I recorded your actions (thanks to your webcam) and even recorded your screen (the video you were watching). Now, if you do nothing, then I will send this video to all of your email, social media and messenger contacts. You have the option to prevent me from doing all of this. All you need to do is to make the transfer of $976 to my bitcoin address. If you don't know how to make the transfer, search google for "buy bitcoin." It is quick and easy. Trust me. "
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