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23 November 2020 Monday. 10:41:00 UTC
I started using a platform of capitalflow.Mr.Bill Malcourt approached me to join this company by a person that added me on Facebook and offered me this platform to join and earn 10.5% weekly,he is the company leader of the HR Team.On the website,they use these terms risk-free and guaranteed.I withdraw some small profits but then they made a lottery,they say they do it every year and I was one of the winners and I received an email from them that I won $25000 but in the email,it says that to be able to withdraw my profits and the sum I was asked to pay a 10%.At first,I was skeptical and even asked my sponsor who introduced me to this platform and he said its true,even his friend has paid 10%.I asked several people from the group if this is real or a scam and even I asked support why they not deduct it from the balance and why I have to pay new money.They replied that they have no permission to mess with the client's accounts.After several thinking and chatting with the support they gave me a bitcoin wallet address to send the 10%.I sent the 2,500 and chatted with them again to tell them about this transfer.When I asked about my withdrawal,they told me I have to pay $500 for the broker fee,I paid.After I paid it again I was asked to pay another $500 TAX.They told me I didn't pay the yearly tax yet that is being paid yearly from every member and asked for a $500 annual tax to release my withdrawals.they gave me another wallet address to deposit the $500.after I paid yearly tax that's a total of $3500 they stopped chatting with me.When I contact support they don't reply,the last chat I had was that my withdrawals are in progress but never received the money.They always use different wallet addresses when told me to send them money.They never warned me that there is a risk of losing.The account is still open and I can logon to my account and even I receive emails daily of my earnings accumulating in my account.
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