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05 October 2018 Friday. 17:54:12 UTC
blackmail scam
United States
I am aware ____ is your pass word. Lets get directly to purpose. You don't know me and you're most likely thinking why you are getting this email? Not one person has paid me to investigate about you. You actually have not one but two options. Shall we go through these possibilities in details: First alternative is to ignore this message. In this instance, I will send out your videotape to just about all of your contacts and thus visualize concerning the disgrace you can get. Not to forget if you happen to be in a romance, just how it would affect? 2nd alternative should be to give me $2000. Let us think of it as a donation. Consequently, I will instantly eliminate your video recording. You can continue on everyday life like this never happened and you would never hear back again from me. You'll make the payment via Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search "how to buy bitcoin" in Google). BTC Address to send to: 1CNaaWtLHdvm7Jxc283hoaWZv9PNHK9rhD
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